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Picture book maker



Don't you think that creating your own picture book should be a truly magical experience? From that first spark of a story popping into your head to holding your very own picture book in your hands. But it can be so difficult to know where to start! Well look no further, are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin...


Whether creating a picture book for one special person to treasure forever, or a book for publication to be enjoyed by thousands , I want your picture book experience to be fun, exciting creative & easy. Taking care of everything from cover to cover, all design elements, formatting & of course beautiful bespoke illustrations! 

Your picture book is created in 2 phases:
My process.. 
phase 1:

This is such an exciting time when anything is possible. With lots of research, sketches, studies & cups of coffee I set about bringing your characters to life & building their world! I carefully consider textures, colour palettes, pageanting & typography to reflect your story. Going into storyboarding & layouts with pace, timing & anticipation in mind. 

You can be as involved in this stage as you wish! From creating a detailed illustrators brief to leaving it all to us. Either way, at the end of the design phase you will have a package like the one below for you to pore over & make notes of any thoughts & suggestions you may have.  

Click on the design stacks below for examples & more..


Once the design phase is agreed & signed off we can begin phase 2..

The final spreads are created working closely to the agreed character design & lay outs. All these story telling ideas will come to life & your picture book will take shape. 

Once the final spreads are complete we can now design &  curate the end papers, dedication page, title page & most exciting of all the front & back cover. These are usually pulled together using your favourite elements of the completed spreads & it is always a lot of fun to put together.




You will end up with fully formatted & ready to print digital files that you can turn into a one off precious heirloom for you & your loved ones to enjoy. Or even a best selling, block buster of a picture book with its own merchandise & TV show! 

Just like the good fairy, we can create picture book magic from the front cover to the back as easy as...  

Excited? me too! Follow the links below
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